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Thank you!

We  would like to thank everyone for visiting our booth and attending our C3 panel at Anime Expo this year! We were extremely happy by how many of you showed for our panel and were pleasantly surprised to have a full house last Friday! Again, we love your support and can’t wait to see you […]

C3 Fanpage Reaches over 3,500 fans

Hi guys! We just wanted to thank you all for the love and support of Chocolate Covered Cosplay and our fanpage over at facebook. We can’t thank you all enough for all the likes and love you’ve shown us since we’ve been on the scene! We’re happy that our message has been heard from all […]

C3 Headed to Animega Con!

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Yup folks! We’re headed for Vegas right now!  We’re looking forward to the road trip to Vegas and some of us have never been before so it’s really exciting! Feel free to say hi to us at the convention if any of you guys will be attending and please visit our Panel on Saturday at 2pm […]

Comic Book Shoes!

I saw these online and just had to share! They are so easy to make, I may make a few pairs for myself. I would recommend going to a kinkos or similar place to run off copies of your favorite comics instead of cutting up the originals… That’s like destroying art, which is not good… […]

Panty & Stocking Photoshoot at Fanime 2012

The C3 Panty & Stocking photos from Fanime 2012 are finally up! C3 girls Ashphord, Deanna, Ginger and Danielle as well as a couple of our friends Law and Scott do Panty & Stocking in a heavenly Photoshoot! All Photos were taken by Jimsha X Agcpictures. Click the image below to see the full images or […]